How do I take care of my Antelo product?

Care Instructions

To keep your Antelo bag looking at its best you need to understand the leather and how to look after it. Our range is made from as natural a leather as you will find. This is a leather that ages beautifully if you take good care of it.We use superbly tanned full-grain aniline leather which is the best quality premium leather there is.  The surface of this type of leather is intact and shows the natural markings of the hide also known as full-grain leather. There is no cheating with aniline leather and that is why only the smoothest hides are chosen. This is reflected in the price of aniline leather items. The full aniline silky finish is achieved by using translucent dyes and waxes which may be susceptible to fading and colour transfer. The natural defects on the leather confirms the authenticity of beautiful leather. It is not heavily coated as this takes away the natural feel of the leather. We strive to appreciate the rawness and authenticity.

It is hard to keep a favourite piece made from aniline leather looking brand new forever. Dirt build-up can and should be removed by wiping down with a dry cloth every week or so. Do NOT spot clean your bag with a wet cloth as this may leave water marks and may result in colour transfer. Water used on any leather will leave a mark if not handled and cleaned correctly.  Just like water, oil will get absorbed very quickly into aniline leather. If you are unsure please refer to your nearest leather care specialist to assist in stain removal, to prevent further damage that may occur.  Although fashionable, the indigo dye in dark blue denim can leave stains on light leather items. Even after several washes, the blue dye can still transfer and bleed onto anything it touches. Please take precaution when wearing your favourite Antelo piece with your denims.

Metal hardware: Always treat with care where metal hardware is used - wipe leather and hardware with a damp cloth and dry carefully
The best leather care products we can recommend is a product called Hannicare for all the diesel leather items, and products from the Dasco range is amazing for the treatment of our new Candor leather, which can be ordered directly from our website!
Hair-on products must be handled in the same way you would treat hair. Excessive rubbing and pressure on an area will cause hair loss and balding. Straps are made with plain leather backing to prevent rubbing on clothing. Do not wear the strap upside down as this may cause friction and lead to balding 
Hannicare foam cans can be ordered at R220.00 via e-mail order to
For more info please contact us on 0215523095