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To keep your Antelo bag looking at its best you need to understand the leather and how to look after it. Your leather bag should be treated the same way that you treat your own skin. Our diesel leather range is as natural a leather as you will find. This is a leather that ages beautifully if you take good care of it. Dirt build-up can and should be removed by wiping down with a dry cloth every week or so. You can also wipe your leather with a warm, damp (not wet!) cloth. Do NOT spot clean as this will leave water marks. Light strokes is best recommended. And make sure that your cloth is not too wet. Metal hardware: Always treat with care where metal hardware is used - wipe leather and hardware with a damp cloth and dry carefully
To prevent flaking and wrinkling, dab a bit of conditioner on a soft cloth and rub gently all over. The best leather care product we can recommend is a product called Hannicare. 
You can e-mail me with an order at Hannicare foam cans can be ordered at R220.00. Special care needs to be taken when using the Hannicare product and I would like to explain to you how to apply to achieve the best results. 
With all our denim items great care has been taken to prevent colour from rubbing off.
We have coated our denim with a special formula to prevent this, however due to the nature of denim we cannot prevent this from happening completely. Like leather, denim is a very specialised product. Do not wash in water as it will damage leather. Spot clean with dark, damp cloth on any areas that require cleaning.

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